The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Neatest To Messiest

Each of the 12 zodiac signs on the astrological chart is known for having its own personality traits and characteristics. So it's likely not surprising to discover that how neat or how messy you are at home might also be connected to your zodiac sign, since how you take care of your home is often considered a reflection of yourself (via The Spruce).

According to Metropolitan Girls, if you've ever met someone who insists on putting everything they own into special and organized places, it's not a far stretch to assume they are one of a few specific zodiac signs. In the same regard, the zodiac sign of someone who couldn't care less where they toss their stuff at the end of the day is probably pretty obvious, too.

Just as there are many people in the world who don't feel like they can't comfortably function without having everything in perfect order, there are also just as many who don't concern themselves with cleanliness or organization, and their zodiac sign can clue you in as to why that is. Here are how the zodiac signs rank from neatest to messiest.

Neatest: Virgo

Virgos are considered the cleanest, tidiest folks on the astrological chart. According to Culture Astrology, Virgos are incredibly organized people because they are critically inclined, logical, and observant. Since they pay attention to the small details around them, it's important for them to maintain a structured environment in order to feel successful and happy. Since Virgos are analytical people, it simply wouldn't make sense for them to live in a chaotic environment where nothing is in its place. 

ZodiacFire describes Virgos as being perfectionists to a fault. If they decide that they're going to do something, it's going to get done no matter what. When a Virgo sees a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes, they will make it their mission to have everything washed and dried as soon as possible. If a Virgo notices one of their friends, family members, or loved ones living in a messy environment, they might even silently judge that person for being incompetent. Virgos aren't drawn to incompetence or stupidity, and a lack of order often represents that to them. They would rather deal with people who are just as organized as they are if at all possible. Since Virgos know how to keep things organized in the most top-notch ways, it's easy to depend on them in work environments and office settings as well.

Neatest: Taurus

The second neatest zodiac sign on the astrological chart is Taurus. USA Today describes Taurians as being stubborn but also grounded and efficient. The truth of the matter is that most efficient individuals prefer not to live in disorderly or frenzied environments. If a Taurus has recently relocated to a new home, for example, you can bet they won't think to leave their boxes unpacked for days on end. Rather, they'll start to unpack and put everything in its rightful places as soon as possible.

Astrostyle describes Taurus signs as being stable, secure, elegant, and persistent. Since they enjoy the bliss feeling of pristine cleanliness, it's unlikely you'll catch them leaving their bed unmade or their laundry unfolded. It's more common to find scrubbed countertops, emptied trash cans, and splash-free mirrors in their living spaces. There's nothing elegant about a mess, which means Taurians aren't interested in messes.

Neatest: Capricorn

When you think of your favorite Capricorn, you're probably thinking of your neatest and cleanest friend or loved one. ZodiacFire describes Capricorns as being practical, resourceful, patient, and disciplined. And it's the most disciplined people who understand the importance of maintaining a clean home and car. It's easy to live in a messy space if you aren't a disciplined individual. Since Capricorns understand the practicality of organization, it makes all the sense in the world for them to keep their belongings in order. 

Instead of losing important documents all the time, Capricorns would rather make sure everything is safe in a file cabinet. Instead of misplacing their favorite T-shirt every other week, Capricorns realize that it makes more sense to arrange their apparel in a way they can continually keep up with. ZodiacSign.com says that Capricorns are known for being incredibly responsible. With greater levels of responsibility, you'll often find greater levels of cleanliness and organization. Irresponsible people are liable to lose things they care about in the midst of a mess. That wouldn't be the case for a Capricorn, though.

Mostly neat: Scorpio

Scorpios are neat individuals for the most part, but they aren't as perfectly organized as Capricorns, Taureans, and Virgos. According to The Times of India, Scorpios prioritize leading lives that avoid as much stress as possible. If cleaning things up causes them any amount of stress, Scorpios might want to avoid the process altogether. By that same token though, living in a messy place can also lead to high levels of stress in its own way, and cause Scorpios to feel overwhelmed. If they want to avoid the mental anguish of living in a disastrous space, they will likely prioritize keeping their home as clean as possible. 

Scorpios are problem-solving individuals who understand that some situations require a lot of their energy and effort (via ZodiacSign.com). That being said, it's unlikely you'll find a Scorpio mindlessly staring at a heap of their belongings without an action plan in line to sort everything out. Scorpios might not want to jump into movement when it comes to cleaning everything up in a rapid instant, but eventually, they will get the job done. Since Scorpios are problem-solvers, they will figure out how to work smarter instead of harder to get the job done.

Mostly neat: Cancer

Cancers are mostly neat when it comes to the way they maintain their homes, offices, and cars. One of the biggest reasons for this is likely the fact that Cancers are constantly in need of comfort. According to Co-Star, Cancers are sensitive caretaker types who prioritize comfort as often as they possibly can. There's nothing comfortable about living or working in a place that feels cramped and congested with tons of possessions. 

Your bedroom at home, for example, should feel like a safe haven. It should be a place where you feel happy about relaxing, sleeping, and decompressing. If your bedroom is in shambles, it's hard to feel calm and comfortable. Since Cancers know this, keeping things clean is important to them. However, Cancers are also emotional beings who love thinking about the nostalgic memories attached to certain objects they own, and so they may have a hard time giving away or throwing out certain items due to their sentimental value (via BestLife). They usually walk a fine line between keeping important items for sentimental value and ensuring that their home is clean enough to create a calming ambiance.

Mostly neat: Libra

One of the reasons Libras are neat and tidy for the most part is the fact that they appreciate the idea of surrounding themselves with lovely aesthetics. When you enjoy the visual appearance of your surroundings, it can impact your entire mood and vibe. This is something Libras are intently aware of.

According to Co-Star, Libras love embracing the idea of all that's good in the world. It would be contradictory for a Libra to live in messy conditions while also thinking of themselves as inherently "good" people. Despite all of that though, many Libras in the world don't necessarily cater to the idea of cleaning their homes on a consistent basis. 

According to The Times of India, Libras might be known as the zodiac sign of balance, but being forced or nagged to organize will always send them in the opposite direction. If a Libra is going to clean their home or car, it has to be their own idea. If they feel like someone else is pressuring them to do it, it's unlikely they'll do it because they'll probably shut down out of frustration instead. Whenever a Libra feels motivated to tidy things up on their own though, they reach amazing results. An inspired Libra can turn a chaotic situation into the cleanest and most organized space ever.

Slightly messy: Aries

There are a lot of things Aries signs are passionate about, but maintaining the cleanest space to live in isn't one of those things. According to BestLife, Arians are considered some of the messiest members of the zodiac chart due to the fact that they are just a little too busy to be cleaning things up all the time. By that same token though, Arians don't have anything against the cleaning process as a whole. Once they realize that the mess surrounding them has gone a bit too far, they'll take time out of their day in order to reverse the damage. 

Arians don't actually prefer living in a disastrous environment, sometimes things just end up getting out of hand (via The Times of India). They are always moving so quickly, after all. Let's say an Aries is on their way to a job interview. They might change their outfit seven or eight times and leave a huge pile of clothing on the bed before running out of the door. The good news is that they won't leave that pile of clothes there forever, and will likely get everything folded back up before the night is over. Another example? If an Arian has a flirty first date scheduled, they might leave their bathroom countertops in disarray scattered with perfume bottles, makeup palettes, hair spray, and more. But after returning home from their date, they'll make sure everything is put back in its proper place. 

Slightly messy: Aquarius

Keeping things clean is something Aquarians know how to do, but isn't always something they prioritize. ZodiacSign.com explains that Aquarians are progressive, independent, freethinking people. Their idealistic view of life means that living in a clean space is one of the best ways to prepare for brighter futures for themselves. That same idealistic view on life can sometimes get in the way of their desire to clean things up, though. 

According to BestLife, Aquarians always have a lot on their minds, but cleanliness and organization aren't at the top of their lists by any means. It makes more sense for an Aquarian to take a break from reality by disappearing into a good book or watching a thought-provoking movie to stroke their intellectual mind. While other people might enjoy taking a break from reality through the act of cleaning, Aquarians just can't relate. Since Aquarians are super intelligent and hyper-vigilant about what happens in the world around them, they may only feel motivated to organize their things if it means they can relate to some of the brilliant minds in history such as Isaac Newton or Galileo Galilei.

Slightly messy: Geminis

When you think of Geminis, top-notch organizational skills probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind. Co-Star describes Geminis as being charismatic, humorous, and unreserved individuals. And The Times of India describes them as being spontaneous, fun, and ready to party with their friends. Do any of those characteristics remind you of someone who's excited to start cleaning up their home at the drop of a hat? 

Geminis have so many other things to focus on in life, which makes the idea of pausing their day to tidy up feel completely unnecessary. Since Geminis are represented by the twins as their zodiac symbol, it's easy for them to pull off introverted character traits and extroverted character traits depending on where they are and who they're with. Adapting to the energy of the people around them comes naturally, which means they can be the life of the party or you can forget they're there at all. Regardless of how lively a Gemini might feel like being for the day, tidying up their home or car just isn't something they are thinking about. If they know they're having friends or family over though, they'll make sure everything looks completely presentable before their guests arrive.

Messiest: Leo

There's no denying the fact that Leos are some of the messiest members of the entire astrological chart. According to ZodiacSign.com, Leos are creative, warm-hearted, and cheerful beings. They're also lazy, stubborn, and self-centered in many instances as well. The former traits are good traits to have, but the latter traits aren't characteristics of someone who likes to keep things neat and tidy. In fact, Leos are often so blinded by their desire to dazzle everyone around them that they can make a mess of things along the way (via The Times of India).

When it comes to their artistic side, a Leo might decide on a project they want to pursue that ends up taking up a lot of space around their home. If a Leo wants to fix up an old car, their garage might quickly become scattered with auto parts. If a Leo wants to get into cosmetology, their bathroom counter might quickly become covered in different makeup products and beauty items. Unfortunately, you probably won't have much luck trying to convince a Leo to clean up after themselves. Living an exciting life of pursuing dreams and passions matters to them more. 

Messiest: Pisces

Although The Times of India describes Pisceans as people who prefer clean environments in order to concentrate on raising their emotional vibrations, Pisceans don't always take organization as seriously as they should. According to Horoscope.com, Pisceans are deeply sensitive individuals who subscribe to a "live and let live" approach with most things. Which includes their level of organization at home.

Since Pisces signs fit into the water sign category, meaning they're very emotional beings. When they feel sad about something serious, they often slump into isolation and try to avoid social interactions altogether. When a Piscean is in this mental state, cleaning up their belongings and organizing the space around them becomes the last thing they care about. Bothering a Piscean about cleaning up when they are going through emotional heartache is probably the worst thing one might do. It's also not smart to bother them about cleaning when they're doing just fine either. Pisces signs are up and down with their emotions and need to be given time to recuperate before worrying about something like tidying up.

Messiest: Sagittarius

If you tell a Sagittarian to clean up their mess, they might just roll their eyes at you. Sagittarians love traveling frequently, staying active, and living their best lives. According to The Times of India, Sagittarians have so much going on, worrying about the appearance of their house or car is the last thing on their radar. Sagittarians are world travelers at heart, which means paying attention to the look of their luggage and suitcases is usually more of a priority if they're going to pay attention to anything at all.

Co-Star explains that Sagittarians are obsessed with self-improvement, which means they're focused on personal growth and development. This often leaves tidying up and organizing their space to fall to the wayside. They'd rather visit new places around the globe, meet new people, taste new foods, and enjoy transcendental highlights in life before slowing their roll to clean everything up for a day. Sagittarians have an insatiable desire to have fun by embracing the art of exploration. Cleaning simply doesn't fit into that narrative.