The Best Cosmetic Line To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It seems like there is an endless number of cosmetic lines to experiment with these days. Almost every brand has a selection of lipsticks, blushes, foundations, and other essentials to pick through. Tons of popular cosmetic lines have deals with major makeup retailers such as Ulta and Sephora where you can drop by and leave the same day with everything on your wishlist. A typical makeup wishlist might consist of new eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, and setting spray. If you can find all the things you love to have in your makeup bag, you might count that as a successful shopping experience.

How does one narrow down their options when it comes to deciding the best cosmetic line to invest in though? Is it possible that considering your zodiac sign on the astrological chart could help you make a better decision?

Astrology Zodiac Signs says that no two signs are completely alike. Since all signs are inherently different, they each come along with vastly different qualities and traits. If we can better understand the nature of our individual zodiac signs, it could make shopping so much easier –– especially when the time comes to go shopping for makeup. Science of People explains that 44% of women aren't happy about leaving the house without any makeup on. That being said, makeup is obviously a very big deal. These are the best cosmetic lines for each zodiac sign.

Fenty Beauty for Aries

Aries individuals are first in line on the astrological chart. Co—Star Astrology describes Aries as being brutally honest without a filter. Aries might get bored easily, but they're also willing to shake things up at the drop of a hat. For these reasons, the best cosmetic line for Aries would be Fenty Beauty, which comes from the brilliant mind of Rihanna. She launched the brand in 2017, and it has been a huge success since the very beginning. In fact, Rihanna has done so well in her business ventures that she hasn't needed to release any new music in recent years to join the billionaire club. 

Aries might think about checking out Rihanna's bestsellers section for foundation, skincare kits for mornings and evenings, refillable lipsticks, and more. Rihanna might not be an Aries herself, but she certainly has a fiery personality to match the qualities that Aries women tend to have. Aries are fire signs which means they do things with passion and emotion. Based on several of Rihanna's songs, it's obvious that she's filled to the brim with a similar level of passion and intensity. Since Aries tend to get bored faster than other signs on the zodiac chart, they need to have access to an abundance of options. Fenty Beauty provides that to customers.

Rare Beauty for Taurus

There is something so sweet, calm, and charming about Taureans. Taurus is an earth element, which means Taureans know how to remain calm, cool, and collected in most instances, even if tons of drama is unfolding around them. Astrology Zodiac Signs says Tauruses have a lot of good qualities to fall back on including how patient, reliable, and practical they are. They're also often considered one of the most responsible and stable members of the zodiac chart. Since Taureans are generally so well-grounded, they're known to take a few moments out of their day to admire the natural beauty surrounding them. Whether they notice the blooming flowers on their walk to work or they pause to gaze at the colors of a gorgeous rainbow, Taureans appreciate the small things.

The cosmetic line that suits Tauruses in the most ideal way would definitely have to be Selena Gomez's line, Rare Beauty. Gomez launched the line in 2020 as a way of promoting the seriousness of mental health awareness. Customers can find matte lip liners, lipsticks, blushes, and more in a wide variety of colors on Rare Beauty's website, as well as in stores. Taureans are known for being able to express themselves and their feelings in eloquent and gentle ways. Expressiveness is a huge factor when it comes to mental health, and both Gomez and Taureans know it.

NYX Cosmetics for Gemini

The third zodiac sign on the astrological chart is Gemini. When you think of Geminis, you're likely reminded of someone who has a curious, affectionate, and quick-witted personality. Astrology Zodiac Signs notes that Geminis catch onto new things quickly and are happy to exchange their ideas with others. Since Geminis are represented by the symbol of twins, they are known to switch back and forth between moods and attitudes pretty quickly. What side of a Gemini will be present on Monday compared to Tuesday? Close friends and lovers of Geminis occasionally have to deal with those personality shifts. 

Since Geminis generally dislike following rigid routines and patterns, there is one amazing cosmetic line that would suit them well. NYX Cosmetics is a brand that comes with endless options for a Gemini to discover. The brand's bestsellers list consists of products that deserve all the attention in the world. NYX sells marker eyeliner, which is ideal for anyone who wants to apply clean, black lines of makeup before a night out on the town. The felt tips are easily controlled for an effortlessly flawless finish. NYX also has vegan lashes on their bestseller list, which is perfect for people who want to look stunning with longer lashes while also taking care of our planet. There's nothing rigid or boring about the items sold by NYX, which makes the brand perfect for the ever-changing mood of a Gemini. 

E.l.f Cosmetics for Cancer

Cancers have a reputation for being one of the most emotional zodiac signs in the lineup. The Times of India explains that Cancers can be incredibly sympathetic to others, which makes them wonderful when it comes to long-lasting friendships and romantic relationships. They're endlessly thoughtful and since they can easily put themselves in the shoes of others, they know how to nurture others who are going through difficult times. Cancers have been known to shed a tear or two in the midst of emotional conversations, which means making sure their makeup is completely waterproof is a must. The good news is that e.l.f. Cosmetics has a lineup of waterproof products that would work perfectly for any Cancer.

The brand's Big Mood Waterproof Mascara and H2O Proof Eyeliner Pen are wonderful for a Cancer who knows they might be in for an emotional day. Without waterproof mascara and eyeliner, shedding tears will lead to makeup streaks down your cheeks. What's more, when Cancers are having bright, happy days filled with energy and excitement, there are other e.l.f. Cosmetics products they might consider, too. Some of e.l.f's bestsellers include grip primer, putty primer, and brow lift products. It would be hard for a Cancer to go wrong while shopping with this brand.

Kylie Cosmetics for Leo

Leos are known to be some of the most social people in the entire zodiac chart. They belong to the fire element, and they are comfortable getting to know people in friendly settings. Kylie Jenner was born on August 10, which means she's a Leo, too. It makes sense that someone like her would be a Leo since she's well-liked by millions of people. With over 368 million followers on Instagram, it's obvious she's doing something right. One of the reasons Jenner is so beloved is that she launched a cosmetic line filled with products that she uses herself. Kylie Cosmetics might have started out as a brand that simply sold lip kits, but it has expanded in a major way since then.

Co—Star Astrology says Leos constantly exude warmth and creativity with their big personalities. They might be a tad vain with an engrained desire to stand out in a crowd, but those traits are not inherently wrong to have. Leos are interested in living lives of luxury and glamour. Jenner is a Leo who matches the characteristics of a Leo down to the last detail. Since she created her brand to appeal to anyone who wants to emulate her, it's clear that her cosmetic line appeals to other Leos in such a huge way. Kylie Cosmetics doesn't sell foundation yet, but it makes up for that with the other available products. Palettes, bronzers, and lip kits continue to make her brand worthwhile in the meantime.

Charlotte Tilbury for Virgo

Charlotte Tilbury is a cosmetic line that has garnered plenty of attention over the years. It's considered a high-end, luxury brand filled with items that would be beneficial to just about anyone's makeup bag. In fact, Charlotte Tilbury sells a few different pouches that are perfect for traveling beauties who need to keep their makeup as organized as possible. Virgos are widely known for being organized in their day-to-day lives. Therefore, is Charlotte tilbury a perfect match for a Virgo? It totally seems like it. If a Virgo needed a makeup bag to store their goodies while planning a vacation to Paris or Hawai'i, they could find what they are looking for with Charlotte Tilbury.

Astrology Zodiac Signs notes that Virgos are loyal, hardworking, practical, and analytical. Virgos prefer not to ask for help because they'd rather be able to figure things out on their own. In other words, Virgos tend to have serious leadership qualities. They enjoy taking their time and paying attention to small detail. When it comes to makeup, having the patience to pay attention to small detail matters. If you rush your makeup, you might end up with smears and smudges in all the wrong places. Rushed makeup leads to crooked lashes, uneven eyeshadow, and blotchy foundation. Virgos take their time and deserve to use makeup of the highest caliber. For these reasons and more, Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that suits Virgos.

Honest Beauty for Libra

As an actress, Jessica Alba has made major waves in the Hollywood industry. Back in 2005, she became a household name after starring in Marvel's "Fantastic Four" as Sue Storm. Her power was to become invisible whenever her enemies showed up. In real life, Alba is still thought of as one of the most beautiful actresses in the game. This means that it's probably a good thing she can't disappear into thin air at any given moment. Her beauty is something others aspire to achieve, and she needs to be visible for the world to take note of that. Because of this, it makes sense that she would launch a cosmetic line. Honest Beauty is all hers with an abundance of lovely products for customers to purchase.

Astrology Zodiac Signs says that Libras are known to be diplomatic, fair-minded, gracious, and cooperative. Most importantly, they are recognized for their honesty. Since Libras love to tell the truth, a cosmetic line like Honest Beauty is perfect for them. Libras appreciate peacefulness, gentleness, and harmony. Honest Beauty boasts about embodying all of those things. Since Honest Beauty is very transparent about using ingredients that are completely natural, organic, non-toxic, and ethically sourced, it has created a great reputation for itself in the cosmetic industry. An honest Libra belongs with Honest Beauty.

MAC Cosmetics for Scorpio

When Scorpios decide what they want in life, they don't stop until they've achieved what they desire. The Hindustan Times describes Scorpios as being the type of people who use their emotions in their favor. Since Scorpio is a water sign, those that fall under this sign are known for being heavily in touch with their fluctuating feelings. Scorpios are considered incredibly selective when it comes to friendships, romantic partners, careers, and more. Their heightened sense of emotion makes decision-making an easier task. It makes sense that a Scorpio would be highly selective about makeup choices in the same way Scorpios are selective about their partnerships. 

When a Scorpio is told to make a clear-cut decision, they generally weigh all of their options. For this reason, Scorpios pair well with a brand like MAC Cosmetics. A Scorpio isn't interested in watered-down relationships or business deals. Scorpios prefer to know what they're getting out of an exchange before they take any major leaps. MAC Cosmetics is ideal in that department since the company offers top-tier products to makeup lovers everywhere. In fact, the brand's bestseller list alone would make any super-selective Scorpio feel at ease. MAC's Cremesheen Lipstick, M.A.CStack Mascara, Magic Extension Fibre Mascara, and more are all highly-rated and sure to make a Scorpio feel at home in their skin.

Haus Labs for Sagittarius

While Lady Gaga might not be a Sagittarius, her cosmetic line, Haus Labs, which launched in 2019, is actually perfect for this sign. Horoscopes Love to Know describes Sagittarians as having energetic and exuberant personalities, positive vibes, and a natural tendency to be lucky in life. Does that sound like a famous person you might know who has a long list of hit songs on the radio? Lady Gaga has an unlimited stream of energy that shines through at all times.

Sagittarians are known for being incredible storytellers and conversationalists. Anyone who's ever witnessed Lady Gaga in an interview knows that she checks all of these boxes. Furthermore, Sagittarius is a fire sign that appreciates adventure. Sagittarians love creating cheerful memories with friends, family, and romantic partners. They adore the notion of self-love. Interestingly enough, Haus Labs preaches the importance of self-love as one of its main focuses. If you love yourself, the world becomes your oyster. Self-love is the key to healthy relationships, internal happiness, and the freedom from caring what other people think about you. Since Haus Labs is dedicated to self-love and Sagittarians typically embody self-love in their day-to-day lives, this is the perfect cosmetic line for them.

Florence by Mills for Capricorn

It turns out that Florence by Mills is one of the best cosmetic lines for Capricorns to buy. Compatible Astrology notes that Capricorns are ambitious, self-motivated, determined, and self-sufficient. These are a few traits that match one lovely actress that the world recognizes from "Stranger Things" on Netflix. Millie Bobby Brown isn't a Capricorn herself, but she could certainly pass for one. She once admitted that she realized just how difficult the entertainment industry is after losing out on a role in HBO's "Game of Thrones" (via Teen Vogue). It actually ended up being a blessing in disguise because if she'd taken that smaller role in "Game of Thrones," she wouldn't be as beloved as she is now for her role in "Stranger Things." In other words, Millie proved herself to be tenacious when she committed herself to her goals and kept auditioning for roles after getting rejected. 

She fits right in with Capricorns, and her cosmetic line does too. Florence by Mills is filled with makeup and skincare products that any Capricorn would enjoy having access to. For those who care about makeup more than anything, her cosmetic line sells lip gloss, corrective powder, highlighter, and more. For people who prioritize skincare, her line sells mud masks, face washes, and acne patches, just to name a few pertinent items.

Flower Beauty for Aquarius

When people think of Drew Barrymore, the first thing that typically comes to mind is her career as an actress. She dominated as an undercover female spy in "Charlie's Angels" and as a woman fighting against a zombie virus in "Santa Clarita Diet." Her cosmetic line might just be the second thing that comes to mind after all her movies and TV shows. Drew launched Flower Beauty in 2013, and it's possible that Aquarians might soon become her best shoppers ever.

Astrology.com notes that Aquarians are motivated by the notion of social change, activism toward the great good, and pursuing world health. Aquarians are not the type to sit back and watch the world crumble around them without making an effort to fix pending issues. Flower Beauty is all about selling cruelty-free makeup, which means Aquarians are aligned with the brand in that way. Flower Beauty refuses to partake in animal testing of any sort, which is something Aquariuses might have respect for. Flower Beauty is also dedicated to maintaining affordable prices. At an affordable price point, anyone who wants to buy Flower Beauty products will be able to do so. For these reasons, Aquarians might feel incredibly drawn to Flower Beauty for cosmetic needs.

Glow Cosmetics for Pisces

Most Pisces know that it's what's on the inside that counts when considering the true beauty of another person or scenario. Zodiac Fire explains that Pisces care about quality over quantity any day. When it comes to having a solid group of friends, Pisces would rather have two or three ride-or-die besties instead of 10 fair-weather acquaintances who come and go. Pisces would rather have one stable career job at a company that respects them rather than a handful of part-time jobs with fickle bosses. Pisces would rather have one delicious, gourmet entree for dinner rather than five smaller courses that don't taste quite as yummy. 

The same rule applies when it comes to makeup choices. Pisces would rather rely on one excellent cosmetic line rather than a long list of lines that just don't get the job done properly. Glow Cosmetics is ideal for Pisces for this very reason. In fact, makeup essentials sold by Glow Cosmetics are great for people who care about quality over quantity. Glow Cosmetics is dedicated to providing high-quality products to any interested shoppers who might come along, so Pisces should treat themselves to a product or two.