How To Style A Leather Skirt Like A Pro
  • By - Sissi M

  • Sept. 14, 2022 1:54 pm EST

Timeless and versatile, leather skirts are a must-have staple. In fact, these indispensable pieces can turn around the blandest outfit and turn it into something whimsical and sexy. The best thing about leather skirts is how you can style them in endless, all-year-round ways that go from casual to high-end dress codes. Fitted and styled to make the most of your body proportions, they are nearly universally flattering, too. For example, pencil skirts look good on every silhouette but are especially suitable for hourglass figures; miniskirts are a great investment if you like to enhance your legs; and full, A-line, or pleated shapes are brilliant for tall women.

The most important tip, however, is to style leather skirts in a sophisticated and decluttered manner. After all, leather skirts can last forever because they're durable and generally produced from high-quality leather, the same used in leather jacket manufacturing (via LeatherCult). If you source a good leather skirt, it can last forever, and you'll need endless ways to style it. Luckily, we've got you covered.

Real or vegan leather?

Opting for real leather or for a sustainable version depends on your beliefs, preference, styling goals, and budget, and both have particular features to consider (via Leather Skill). Pure leather has the luxe feel and the advantage of guaranteed durability (as long as properly cared for); however, when it comes to fitted pieces, such as skirts, it's advisable to choose the most supple and flexible leather you can find if you want a flawless fit. Vegan leather tends to work better in that regard and to be more affordable — a plus if you are experimenting with leather skirts for the first time or shopping for a seasonal update. With that said, there are increasingly luxurious and durable options for man-made leather in the market, so it all comes down to your unique circumstances.

Wear them to add texture to an all-black outfit

A fully black ensemble that you can take to the office or to a night out is always an effortlessly sophisticated option. A leather skirt makes this sleek look more interesting because it adds a different texture even if you go for a simple, soft leather version. To the office, match it with a basic turtleneck and pointy pumps, as exemplified by fashion blogger Mia Mia Mine. For a night out, pair it with a tank top and stilettos. To take it up a notch, choose a textured skirt instead. This look is an effortless choice for a date night as well as it flatters the figure and has the sexiness of leather going for you without looking like you are trying too hard.

Go for a pop of color

A bright-colored leather skirt makes a fantastic statement piece, especially if you already own basic shades and know that leather skirts work for you. They're very eye-catching, so you should choose them in the style that best suits your figure and that you wear more often. If bold colors such as red, fuchsia, or gold are too daring, try a more understated hue, like burgundy.

Pair it with a breezy blouse and pointed pumps or nude sandals for an ultra-feminine, classic look. To achieve a sexy, rebellious aesthetic, try killer boots and an unassuming top (or a rock band shirt if you want to go the extra mile).

Wear them to shake up your everyday shirts

Need a stylish look in the blink of an eye? Just grab an oxford, flannel, or denim shirt and tuck it under a leather pencil skirt in a basic color like black or camel brown (via Styleoholic). Add a large clutch or structured classic bag and mules or pointy pumps. For a chic version ideal for a work event, go for a crisp or silky white shirt and stilettos.

Make them best friends with your go-to stretch boots

For cozy but sleek visuals with leather skirts, nothing beats stretch boots. When it comes to styling striking materials such as leather, it's important that no bulk is visible and the fit is flawless to avoid excessive visual noise that might clutter the overall look. Simple velvet or Nappa leather stretch boots, with their barely-there appearance, are ideal to achieve that effect. Under short skirts — with the hem covering the boot — thigh-high boots create an unbroken look that lengthens the legs and appears more refined and put-together than a boot reaching mid-height. With midi skirts, stretch boots avoid any uncomfortable lumping, especially when wearing form-fitting designs. Victoria Beckham swears by this combination, and her streamlined appearance speaks for itself (via LaiTimes).

The multi-purpose black mini skirt

A black, leather miniskirt is a great investment if leg-baring looks are flattering on you, and this alternative to the classic pencil version is quite versatile as well, especially when it comes to footwear. Leather miniskirts look lovely with a variety of shoes, from sneakers and ballet shoes to ankle boots. A foolproof and very chic way of styling them is to think of gothic minimalism and choose between a black or white top. This can mean a simple cotton t-shirt, Audrey Hepburn-style, or, alternatively, a romantic/preppy shirt or blouse with lots of embroidery or lace (via The Editorialist).

The brown or suede mini skirt: from preppy to boho

If you prefer warm colors like camel or mocha, a leather miniskirt might be your best pick. As FMag explains, a suede mini skirt is easier to style than it might look at first sight. A honey-colored, velvety mini will work just fine with basic tops for a casual look or oxford shirts for a preppy look, but to give it a bit of edge, add a hippie-chic vibe with peasant-style blouses or hippie tunics tucked in. Accessorize it with statement long boots or sandals and a fancy hobo, satchel, or cross-body bag for a full bohemian effect.

Wear them with a top in a similar shade

To style a leather skirt in an interesting hue that compliments your skin, try playing with harmony instead of contrast, creating an effect of gradation. Silk crepe or mousseline blouses are perfect to achieve this look, but you can try it with a basic top, shirt, or even a luxurious knit for colder days. For maximum impact, stick to a figure-hugging pencil skirt, but keep your shoes plain and in a muted nude shade. A thin-heeled scarpin is a perfect choice. Finish with a large clutch in a similar muted color or a luxurious tote bag with a top handle.

Play with luxurious outerwear and layers

A timeless way to style leather shirts for winter is by pairing them with a lavish camel belted overcoat. This works even better if you add a cashmere sweater in black or, even more sophisticated, a vanilla shade. According to Looktastic, this look can be played casually or refined, namely by playing with thin-heeled scarpins in black, nude, or red. Alternatively, wear it with luxurious long boots or fashionable heels. If you are a lover of cable knits and other bulkier sweaters, match them with your favorite leather skirt, ankle boots, and a messenger or camera bag for a stylish outfit in the blink of an eye.

High society with a twist

To break a too well-behaved occasion outfit, consider styling a pencil or full leather skirt with a Bardot top. This works wonderfully for smart but not too formal events such as a vernissage, book launch, family dinner, or fashion show. You can try it in an all-black ensemble as a 1950s look with an edgy twist, but you can opt for bold-colored leather and a patterned or sparkly top instead.